US Lottery Apps

US Lottery Apps cater for the biggest and best lottery games that the USA has to offer, and the country really does have quite a few games to offer! Unfortunately, the USA is so vast that it spans several time zones, and that makes it easy to forget when particular draws take place and when to check the results by conventional methods. The good news is that when you install US lottery apps to your iPhone or Android smartphone you won't need to rely on long-winded 'conventional methods' simply launch the app, touch a button and you will have the very latest results in the palm of your hand.

Having such ready access to the latest American lottery results means that you will be able to claim any prize due to you without delay. It also means that you will be able to start thinking about making your entry for the next draw so that you can give yourself another chance of winning a life-changing jackpot.

The two biggest lotteries in the USA are the multi-state Mega Millions and Powerball games, so you won't be surprised to find lottery applications for both of those games here. You can also grab lottery apps for Florida Lottery, California Lottery and New Jersey Lottery games. There is no limit to the number of lottery apps that you can download and use for free, so help yourself to whatever apps take your fancy!

The American lottery apps currently available are as follows:

aLottery Mega Millions App

Mega Millions Lottery App

The Mega Millions Lottery app provides 'at a glance' results for the last five draws (which take place on Tuesdays and Fridays) on the home screen, but you can also access historical results going right back to 1996 by touching the Archive icon at the bottom of the screen. A Number Checker allows you to enter five main numbers and one Mega Ball number and automatically check to see how those numbers performed. All matched numbers are highlighted so that you can simply scroll through the list and quickly find the most successful draws. Touch the Generator button at the foot of the screen and the Mega Millions Lottery app will randomly generate five main numbers and one Mega Ball number for your next entry.

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aLottery Powerball App

Powerball Lottery App

Powerball lottery games take place every Wednesday and Saturday, and when you launch the Powerball Lottery app you will be presented with the results of the five most recent draws. These results include the Power Play number that can multiply the non-jackpot winnings of any player who elected to pay a little extra for a Power Play entry. Touching the Checker icon at the foot of the screen will allow you to check any selection of numbers against previous results, and if you want to browse through historical results going back to 1997 all you have to do is tap the Archive icon. The Powerball Lottery app also includes a handy random number Generator.

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aLottery Florida Lottery App

Florida Lottery App

The Florida Lottery Results app provides the very latest results for the Florida Lotto game and also for associated Florida Lottery games, including Fantasy Five and Mega Money. The most recent draw results are displayed just as soon as you launch the app, and you can take a look through all of the available earlier results by accessing the Archive. Those of you who want to check a selection of numbers automatically can use the built-in Checker feature, and the Generator icon right next door will instantly provide you with a random selection of numbers that you might like to include on your next Florida Lotto ticket.

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aLottery California Lottery App

California Lottery App

Players of California Lottery games won't want to be without the California Lottery App because it provides results for all of the most popular games the California SuperLotto, Fantasy 5, Daily 4, Midday 3 and Daily 3. The latest results for each of these games are presented on the home screen, and earlier results are accessible by tapping the Archive icon. With so many California Lottery games to play, you might have trouble deciding which numbers to enter in each, so a handy Number Generator is ready to generate all the selections you need whenever you need them. Finally, if you have any old entries that you want to check against past results, simply launch the Number Checker to get the job done fast and effectively.

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aLottery New Jersey Lottery App

NJ Lottery App

This NJ Lottery app grabs the results of the six biggest games in New Jersey (Pick Six, Jersey Cash 5, Pick Four Mid, Pick Four Eve, Pick Three Mid and Pick Three Eve) and makes them available to you within minutes of each draw taking place. If you play several of these games then you will be pleased to hear that the latest results of all these games are presented together on the home screen, so you won't have to switch from game to game. Of course, there is more to this app than just the latest New Jersey lottery results it also has a built in Number Checker, a Number Generator and provides access to a very useful historical results Archive.

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