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Rated 4.3 out of 5 (from 6 ratings)
Operating System: Android
Current Version: 2.2
Download Size: 3MB
Language: English
Cost: FREE
Content Rating: Medium Maturity

App Description

Get the latest Health Lottery results on your Android device free of charge on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

This easy-to-use application gives you the very latest Health Lottery results within minutes of the draw taking place. All of the drawn numbers are shown with prize payout values.

An archive of Health Lottery results is also available to peruse with results dating back as far as the first draw in October 2011.

The Health Lottery Ticket Checker feature allows you enter your chosen numbers to see how many balls you have matched, while our rather novel Random Ticket Generator lets you create a set of random Health Lottery just by shaking your phone (you may be surprised when you generate a set of numbers!)

This Health Lottery App Android app review was updated in March 2012.

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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
This app ranks #2 (out of 3 apps)

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